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Choosing a
Teacup Puppy Dog Breeder


Choosing a breeder
is the single most important factor
in choosing any dog.


Here's the tip of the iceberg on what you need to know:

Where should my dog come from?

For starters, absolutely positively do NOT buy any dog from a foreign country, period, or from someone who gets their puppies from a foreign country. Air flights are stressful, and the longer one is, the more stress the puppy is. Teacup puppies are fragile, and the more stress your dog has, the more likely he will have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). If this condition is not taken care of immediately, your puppy can die – even on the plane ride coming to you.

Try to avoid buying over the Internet and having the dog shipped to you.  There are a lot of unscrupulous people who care more about your money than they do about the dogs, and there are a LOT of scams! We talk about the types of scams in Teacup Puppy and Dog book: Choosing a Breeder & Choosing a Dog.


What are the12 preliminary questions
to ask a breeder on the phone?

What are the 14 questions
to ask a breeder about guarantees?

Email me at caryl@teacuppuppiesanddogs.com
for a free list of questions
Put "Breeder Questions" in the subject line.


What are the different types of breeders?

There are different types of breeders: show or conformation breeders, hobby breeders, backyard breeders, and puppy mills. Then there are brokers who buy dogs from breeders.

A teacup dog may have "papers" from a breed registry but cannot be shown in a breed conformation show because it does not fall within the standard parameters for the specific breed. A dog who has "papers" means that dog's parents were purebred dogs and were registered with a registry, but it does not denote anything about the quality or the health of the dog. A show or conformation breeder generally belongs to a breed club and is active in promoting and improving her breed, so her standards are generally pretty high.

The best way to find a breeder that you are comfortable with is to visit her and see what her facility is like.  But before you do, ask the breeder a lot of questions.

I monitor the Internet on a daily basis, and here is a perfect example of a dog where I would run the other way. My interpretation of each sentence is in brackets and in green.

  • All shot are completed.
    [This person does not use proper English suggesting he is poorly educated or from a non-English-speaking country.]
  • He has no sign of illness and has undescended (cyptorchidism) testis.
    [*Undescended testicles IS a medical problem, and the dog MUST BE NEUTERED AND NOT BRED.
    *The neutering procedure costs more because of the difficulty of the procedure and it is riskier than a simple neuter.
    *Dogs with retained testicles are at greatly increased risk for cancer.
    *The testicle can twist inside the body, and if it is not removed immediately, the dog can die.
    *Behaviorally, cryptorchid males are prone to increased aggression, marking or inappropriate urination, and mounting.]
  • Price: $19000 **When we send pups we take delivery payment but it different within countries and provinces so please first email us your location and we will reply the exact payment.
    [This makes no sense in English.
    $19,000??? A Westminster champion (Westminster being the top US dog show) does not cost this much!
    DO NOT SHIP A DOG THIS SMALL! It is way too stressfu for the dogl, and the stress can actually kill him in transit.]
  • Age: 9 months
    [Why did the breeder keep him for 9 months?]
  • Character: Albin can't stand without a human company. He would always beg to be held or sleep on your lap. It took awhile for him to get adjust sleeping not on the bed with us. He just has so much love inside him.
    [ NEVER let such a small dog sleep in bed with you. If you roll over, the dog can be crushed and killed.
    "He just has so much love inside him" translates to me as massive separation anxiety, which means you will NEVER be able to leave him alone without a LOT of training. Plus all the resulting stress likely will translate to hypoglycemia.]
  • He is what we call smallest Maltese I've ever seen.
    [This is not a plus. The smaller the dog, the higher the likelihood of increased medical problems.]
  • Physical Looks: Adorable big round eyes. Doll-like-face. Three star coat; they are long but not as fluffy compared to the breed standard. (so not much hair lost in summer)
    [A small dog with long hair needs to be groomed one or several times a day. Because of his small size, you can easily break a bone when trying to get a tangle or mat out.]
  • Size: 900g (1.9lb) Fully Grown.
    [No comment.]

    The ad then refers you to the breeder's blog. On that blog is a wealth of MISINFORMATION that is too much for me to go into here. But one glaring example is that the breeder talks about what happens when a male dog goes into heat. Males DO NOT go into heat; only females do.

In Teacup Puppy and Dog book: Choosing a Breeder & Choosing a Dog, you get the downloadable book that walks you through the evaluation process of your lifestyle and how to choose a breeder. You get answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. You get the exact blueprint you need to make the right choice before you get your dog.

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After you decide on the Teacup Puppy Breeder, now is the time to find out How to Choose a Teacup Puppy.

Table of Contents
Choosing a Breeder and Choosing a Dog.

Is a Teacup Puppy Right for Me?
What is a Teacup Puppy or Dog?
What are the common Teacup Breeds?
What are the Pros and Cons of getting a Teacup Dog or Puppy?
How does my Lifestyle affect my Dog?
What does this mean in Real Life?
Choosing a Teacup Puppy Breeder
General Discussion about Breeders
How to Protect Yourself From Scams When Buying Online
What is a Breeder?
What are the different Types of Breeders?
What are the different Types of Breeders?
Questions to ask the Breeder
Choosing your Teacup Puppy or Dog
What to Look for in the Parents
How to Choose a Healthy Dog
Personality and Behavior
What are Common Puppy Owner Complaints?
What are Stressors?
What are Puppy Developmental Phases?

Discover the right answers on
how to chose a good breeder.

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