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Teacup puppies and teacup dogs are adorable – and because of that, our hearts open up, our parental instincts pop to the forefront, and we become hooked on their cuteness and vulnerability. 

You want to be confident that you know all the facts *before* you get your puppy, so this is the most important web site you'll read! Why? Because there's so much information on the Internet that it's difficult to separate the gold from the garbage.

My name is Caryl Wolff, and I'm the only dog trainer/behavior consultant certified by five dog trainer organizations -- and the only one who has written extensively about teacup puppies and dogs. 

For the record, I’m not trying to sell you a teacup puppy.  I want to help you get the best dog possible and have the most successful relationship with your dog. Just like picking a spouse, you spend a lot of time selecting the right one and then learning about him or her before you get married -- and what you learn after may not be what you anticipated!

If you don't know what questions to ask or if you don't know what to look for in choosing a breeder and choosing a dog, you can easily fall victim to a scammer or lose your money -- and your heart -- on a dog. Wouldn't you like to avoid spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on an unhealthy dog?


What are the right questions to ask a breeder?
Email me at caryl@teacuppuppiesanddogs.com.
Put "Breeder Questions" in the subject line.


Selecting the right dog is like selecting the right mate -- it's a relationship, and you want the right match. By investing the time now, you can save time, money, and possible heartbreak before you get a teacup puppy or dog. I can help you make an informed decision about whether a teacup puppy or dog is right for you – because teacup dogs and puppies *are* high maintenance – so you won’t have heartbreaks and “pocketbook” breaks!

I've written a series of books dealing with different aspects of having a teacup dog or puppy. Please look at each of them and then decide which books are right for you. They are:

If you're thinking of buying a teacup, start with Is a Teacup Puppy Dog Right For Me? to learn how -- or whether -- a teacup will fit into your life and also to get a sample of what the book talks about.

Avoid heartbreak and make an informed decision.
DOWNLOAD the Teacup Books now!

Would you like to know what veterinarians around the country say
about teacup puppies and dogs?
Teacup Puppy Dog Veterinarian Comments to find out.

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